We bring the industry together to talk about one major issue: workforce development.


Our Mission

Enhance the experience of women in the industry by advocating for more integrated workforce development.  

Women are the sole financial decision makers at home 43% of the time, and are involved in the decision an additional 31%
— Pew Research Study, 2008

Our Objectives


Market Transformation/Business Development

  • All aspects of business development, from the day to day decisions made at the contractor level, all the way up to the national policy discussions underway to move this industry forward.
  • Professionalize this industry - how to do we increase the credibility of the industry?
  • Work with building professionals to engage women effectively


  • Women earn less than men in 99% of all occupations.
  • Educate men and women on capitalizing on the strengths women bring to the industry - from personal interactions to professional decisions
  • Capitalizing on the strength of women business owners, who employ 35% more people than all Fortune 500 companies combined

Networking and Support

  • Develop organized opportunities for women to build relationships, discuss specific concerns and issues that women face in the workforce, and learn more from each other and those women who have paved the way in this industry.